Want to start your own business?


If you would like to start your own retail store or company, we can get you the products/materials at a discounted rate. We want to see more business minded people meet their financial goals. Want to learn more about wholesale buying? Read on to learn more about the potential benefits for your business.

What is wholesale buying?

Wholesale is the process by which one party sells a large number of goods to a business at a low price. Once received, a business may raise the price of each individual good to maximize their profits.

How does buying work?

Write out what you would need to start your business. If you want to start a lash company for example, your list might look like this:

  • Mink lashes

  • Synthetic lashes

  • 10-25 MM lashes

  • Lash Glue

  • Lash Tools

  • Lash Storage Boxes

  • Spoolies

  • Boutique Bags

We can provide you all you need to start.

Other items that you can wholesale.

  • Toys

  • Books

  • Clothing and accessories

  • Electronics

  • Beauty products

  • Pet supplies

  • Travel accessories

  • Name-Brands

  • And more.

Benefits of making us your wholesale dealer

  1. Saving thousands of dollars on the items you buy. We are vigilant on checking the quality before you choose to buy. You can charge same or less than competing stores and make a nice profit.

  2. Shop a variety of goods. We shop hundreds of thousands suppliers to find the right one for you. If you have a specific niche, we have the resources to find the exact one.

  3. Minimize the Shipping Costs. Buying wholesale, the shipping is cheaper than if you were to actually buy them separately. With us, we are platinum members and can get you the cheapest shipping costs.

  4. Grow your small business. It may be small now but once you partner with us, larger companies won't know what hit them. You can buy wholesale and get the goods at a much lower rate and sell them at a discount to your loyal customers.

  5. Selling name-brands. It's easier to sell a brand everyone knows and trusts. If you don't want to build a brand, selling well-known companies is an easy way to reach your financial goals. Some customers want the brand name but don't want to pay the high price. We can get you the cheapest rates and you can still sell at a discounted price.

By making us your wholesale dealer, you gain a professional relationship with Big Boss Beauty Company. We would love to help you get started on your business. We'll work with you on getting the best rates and provide helpful advice on where to start. Contact us at (520)288-0604 or email us (katrina@bigbosslashes.com). Thank you and have a great day.